We’re Looking For A Home!

We’re Looking For A Home!

School of HONK is a free and open community music school, a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization, looking for a (big) place to make loud, joyful music (a la HONK! Festival) every Sunday afternoon 2 – 6 pm — somewhere near a public/commercial neighborhood with a built-in audience. We have limited means but can pay a weekly rental rate if we find the right place. Please read on!



* close to some public / commercial / neighborhood spaces with built-in neighborhood audience nearby for parading/performing

* easy car and public transit access



* Sunday afternoon 2-6 pm

* no foreseeable noise issues with abutters for these hours

– preferably also available other weekday afternoons or evenings



* at least 120 person capacity

* at least 10 ft high ceiling

* storage (approximately 8’x8′, large closet or at least two large shelves); or proximity to Davis Square, where we currently have donated storage space

* separate break-out rooms

– prefer not too “live”/echoey a room

– prefer ground floor, handicap access

– prefer outdoor option as well on / near premises for warmer weather practices



– prefer free/donated, but would consider up to $250/wk, depending on above