Musical Resources

At School of HONK, our number one priority is to have fun, and this means not worrying about wrong notes. That said, once you start to get more comfortable in our community and on your horn, finding the right notes might become a fun search in its own right! Practicing at home is not an expectation of being in our band, but we do have some resources available if you find yourself working to memorize our songs, learn about your instrument, and generally improve your musicianship.

Specifically, you might want to check out:

  • Our Playalong EP, which includes recordings of many of our songs you can play along with, including empty solo sections (with backing parts!) so you can practice improvising at home!
  • Trombone Alley is a trombone section specific resource including close-up videos of trombone parts being played for easy visual “copying,” fun trombone videos from The Internet™, etc.
  • Trumpet Treehouse is a trumpet section specific resource including close-up videos of fingerings for many of our tunes on trumpet, fingering charts, and other resources.
  • Percussion Corner is a drum section specific resource including close-up videos of our parts being played, information about different kinds of beats and rhythms common to our music, and more.

As always, let us know if you have any questions or feedback. Excited to play with you on Sundays—and hope these are helpful when you’re playing at home!