I play accordion, french horn, bassoon, etc. Can I play with you?

Yes, but we don’t currently have mentors dedicated to all of these sections. Our music is arranged for traditional brass instruments including trumpet, trombone, clarinet, saxophone, flute, melodica, tuba, and percussion. Other mobile, acoustic instruments are welcome, but we may not have the mentors or sheet music to support your horn. Email schoolofhonk@gmail.com with any questions.

I play bass, guitar, violin, etc. Can I play with you?

Yes, but maybe not on that instrument. We are a band of mobile, acoustic instruments. This means we do not welcome amplifiers of any kind and require instruments that can be played on parade. Electric instruments are a hard no. Stringed instruments are a maybe. We suggest you try one of our loaner brass instruments! Email schoolofhonk@gmail.com with further questions.

What if I don’t play an instrument?

No problem! We have instruments you can borrow, and people who can help you start playing your very first day. We offer a newcomer orientation starting at 2:30PM, before our regular session starts at 3PM—or 1:30PM/2PM with Daylight Savings Time—and we encourage you to come play with us!

But can anyone really be a member?

Yes. We believe everyone can make music, and we invite people of all genders, races, musical, cultural, and educational backgrounds to join us in making music every Sunday. The brass world is largely dominated by straight, white cis men; we are working to create a space that supports all people to learn, grow, lead, and have fun playing music on the street.

How do I become a member?

Just show up! School of HONK is open to anyone who wants to come out and play, parade, and dance with us. We don’t care if you’ve played an instrument before. We don’t agree with the elementary school music teacher who told you you don’t have rhythm. If you play with us, you’re a member, and we invite you to join our announcements list anytime and to join our Discord or Facebook group after you’ve come out to a session or few.