Play along at home with these backing tracks

Click the links below to access audio tracks featuring soh full band arrangements as well as “freeform” recordings of the rhythm parts that play during each song’s solo section.

For help with improvising in different keys, you might try practicing with these chords/arpeggios: Bbm7 chordBbm7 arpeggio, Fm7 chordFm7 arpeggio

Ghostbusters (Fm) // // freeform

Green Onions (Fm) // soh // freeform

Groove Is In the Heart (Bbm) //  // (melodic) – freeform // (part 5)- freeform

Lady (Fm) // soh // freeform

Let’s Go Get ‘Em (Bbm) // // freeform

Push It (Fm) // soh // dance video //  freeform

Respect (C)  //  // freeform

Rock Anthem (Bb) //  //  freeform

Rock Lobster (Cm) // //  freeform

Soul Bossa Nova (Bbm)  // original recording / soh  // dance video  // freeform

Stay Human (Bbm) // soh // freeform

Superstition (Fm) // soh //