Guidelines for Gatherings during COVID

In order to manage the risks of gathering to play music in person during this pandemic, School of HONK is following the below safety procedures. 

As an organization, we will…

  • Do our best to monitor transmission within our community based on member reports. In particular, whenever we are alerted to a positive test result within 2 days of someone attending a School of HONK event, we will:
  • Anonymously share the positive report with the group, along with the person’s section if relevant, e.g. in the case of a regular Sunday session.
  • Ask anyone present at the session to rapid test ~5 days after the event and, if they test positive, alert us to their result.

At outdoor sessions, we expect all participants to…

  • Stay home if you have: 
    • Any potential COVID symptoms on the day of a session.
    • Recently tested positive for COVID. You may join us again when you are symptom free and either:
      • It has been 10 days since your positive test, OR
      • You have had two negative rapid tests in a row, at least 2 days apart.
  • Alert us if you test positive: 
    • Within 2 days of attending a School of HONK gathering.
    • Following an exposure at a School of HONK event, so we can keep track of possible transmission in our community.

At indoor sessions, we expect all participants to…

  • Follow all outdoor protocols. This includes staying home if sick as well as alerting us if you test positive following a session.
  • Be vaccinated. When we say vaccinated, we mean completion of the series of the original vaccine (2 shots Pfizer/Moderna; 1 for J&J) along with a booster. This will be on the honor system.
  • Rapid test. If you are able to rapid test before attending a School of HONK session, we ask that you do so, and we will provide a limited number onsite for those who can’t. This will be on the honor system.

Note: We are drawing largely on CDC advice around appropriate quarantine and isolation protocols. If in doubt, we ask members to defer to their guidance. 

And, it’s probably worth saying: These guidelines are subject to change. There is still a lot we don’t know about the transmission of COVID and its new variants. For some of us, gathering in person will be a risk we decide we can’t take. For those of us looking to gather while attempting to mitigate risk, we will monitor both changing local regulations and the latest scientific advice available, and we will adjust these guidelines accordingly.