Camp HONK 2016

Our second year of Camp HONK was a special one. We learned more than a half dozen songs in two weeks, composed some of our own, and performed everyday of the week on parade. Here‘s an EP we recorded during our last week, along with some of our favorite parading moments below…

We crashed Star Market: parading through the frozen food aisle, dancing in the dairy section, finishing up with tasty cookies and watermelon.

We paraded through Porter Square Books and Cafe Zing with singing and smiles.

We invaded Michael’s arts and crafts, riding the escalator to serenade surprised paint-buying patrons.

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We trekked all the way to Conway Park and met up with Parts & Crafts, who were all decked out in masks, puppets, and costumes!

And we played with the rest of our sister string camp at a final, community concert at the Kennedy School, where we met everyday.

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camp honk with parts and crafts