Afterschool Program


THURSDAYS 3:15-4:15 pm at the Amigos School (5 Upton St, Cambridge)

Our Approach

We think learning music is easy when you’re having fun, so we learn by performing together as a band, for each other and for our friends and neighbors. Each day, we will introduce basic musical concepts by focusing on a particular song – its beat, rhythm and “groove,” as well as its chord progressions and musical form. We will watch videos of other street bands in performance, and have break out sectional rehearsals to hone ear training and instrumental technique. And weather permitting, we will parade around our neighborhood every day, for fun, and because performing is an integral part of learning and playing together.

Afterschool pic 6Learn…

  • to have fun the street band way, playing loud, lively music that gets people smiling and moving
  • to be playful and spontaneous when playing your instrument, and how to listen for, and stay in, the groove while parading
  • some basic street band musical forms like dance beats, blues progressions, call and response, etc.
  • the history and culture of street bands around the world, including their model of shared leadership, improvisation and musical spectacle

Afterschool pic 1

Sample songs

  • We Got That Fire, by L’il Rascals
  • Ghostbusters Theme, by Ray Parker, Jr.
  • La Murga de Panama, by Lavoe & Colón
  • Billie Jean, by Michael Jackson
  • Uptown Funk, by Mark Ronson
  • Rock Anthem, by EE
  • Let’s Go Get ‘Em, by Rebirth Brass Band
  • Groove Is In The Heart, by Deee-lite



School of HONK Afterschool is open to anyone ages 10 and up, with at least one year’s experience playing their instrument — woodwinds, brass or percussion. Younger students or those with less experience will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Families are encouraged to join.

Cost is $10-$25/wk, but scholarships are also available for those who need it. Students need to provide their own instrument (school rental or other), but we can help parents acquire an inexpensive instrument if needed.