We’re Looking For A Home!

We’re Looking For A Home!

School of HONK is a free and open community music school, a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization, looking for a (big) place to make loud, joyful music (a la HONK! Festival) every Sunday afternoon 2 – 6 pm — somewhere near a public/commercial neighborhood with a built-in audience. We have limited means but can pay a weekly rental rate if we find the right place. Please read on!



* close to some public / commercial / neighborhood spaces with built-in neighborhood audience nearby for parading/performing

* easy car and public transit access



* Sunday afternoon 2-6 pm

* no foreseeable noise issues with abutters for these hours

– preferably also available other weekday afternoons or evenings



* at least 120 person capacity

* at least 10 ft high ceiling

* storage (approximately 8’x8′, large closet or at least two large shelves); or proximity to Davis Square, where we currently have donated storage space

* separate break-out rooms

– prefer not too “live”/echoey a room

– prefer ground floor, handicap access

– prefer outdoor option as well on / near premises for warmer weather practices



– prefer free/donated, but would consider up to $250/wk, depending on above


Fat Sunday Mardi Gras Dance Party – 2/7/16

Fat Sunday Mardi Gras Dance Party – 2/7/16

Join us on February 7th for School of HONK’s “Fat Sunday” Mardi Gras celebration! We will have an extended session on Sunday, from 3-7pm at First Church Somerville (89 College Ave).

And in conjunction with our business-as-usual, we’re excited to announce First Sunday Dance Parties! On the first Sunday of every month we will have dance mentors on-hand to lead dancers of all levels in some easy and powerfully fun dances. New and experienced, shy or bold, poised or wacky dancers are all welcome! (School of HONK musicians will practice and play per usual, but are also invited to put down their horns as they wish to do some dancing!)

There’ll be music, there’ll be dancing, there’ll be gumbo… come enjoy the festivities, and bring friends!


Photo by Leonardo March


Online campaign kicks off with $600 in donations

Online campaign kicks off with $600 in donations

School of HONK’s online campaign went LIVE today. And just a few hours in, we’ve already raised more than 10% of our $5,000 goal, to help fund our 2016 plans, including afterschool, weeknight sectionals, and other additional opportunities to play.

Check out Patrick Johnson’s great video, and our nifty perks for donors to our year end campaign.


And please post on Facebook, forward this email to your friends and family, and shout it from the nearest available rooftop (if it’s safe)!

School of HONK celebrates First Birthday

School of HONK celebrates First Birthday

Our very first meeting (at sprout) was October 26, 2014. Since then, we have met up to play together every single Sunday (and sometimes other days) since those humble but very promising beginnings.

To celebrate, we went for an amazing parade to Crescent St in Cambridge, to help our neighbors really crank up the party. Tricks, treats and a lotta brass. Then we returned home for birthday cake, videos and memories of our first year passed.

(Photo by Leonardo March. For more, check out Leo’s other photos in our Flickr album.)

HONK!TX Scrapbook Posted

HONK!TX Scrapbook Posted

Those of us who traveled to HONK!TX have compiled pictures, videos, memories, and thank you’s to share with each other, the world, and our School of HONK bandmates who didn’t get to travel with us.

Check it out here.

Parade to open Cambridge City Council Meeting on Busking and Street Performance

Parade to open Cambridge City Council Meeting on Busking and Street Performance

On Tuesday, Sept 1 at 5 pm, School of HONK invites street musicians and performers to join us for a loud and proud musical parade from Central Square to Cambridge City Hall, to open a City Council committee meeting about busking and street performance policies, hosted by Councillor Nadeem Mazen. It’s a great opportunity to show our friends and neighbors and city officials what’s at stake in reclaiming and protecting the most public of spaces for street musicians and performers.

We’ll congregate at 5 pm in Lafayette Square (south of Central Square T, across from the fire station).

TO: Interested Person(s)

FROM: Paula M. Crane
Deputy City Clerk
City Clerk’s Office

DATE: August 25, 2015

SUBJECT: Neighborhood & Long Term Planning, Public Facilities, Arts & Celebration Committee

Please be advised that Councillor Mazen, Chair of the Neighborhood & Long Term Planning, Public Facilities, Arts & Celebration Committee, has scheduled a hearing for Tuesday, September 1, 2015 at 5:30 p.m. in the Sullivan Chamber, 795 Massachusetts Avenue.

The purpose of this hearing to discuss the city’s street performance, artist coordination, and busking policies. The meeting will engage local and Greater Cambridge artists in conversation with a view to increasing opportunities for public performance, while decreasing any barriers to entry that currently exist. Musicians will also be giving brief performances to conclude the meeting.

Your attention in this matter is greatly appreciated.


Photo by Leonardo March

School of HONK reclaims Highland Ave for horns, bikes and feet

School of HONK reclaims Highland Ave for horns, bikes and feet

Aug 9, 2015:  As part of Somerville SomerStreets “Seize The Summer” celebration, we launched our parade from Shaunalynn’s house, headed over to Highland Ave, met up with new friends who showed us how to play When The Saints Go Marching In, and closed out our show by summoning a real live Ghostbuster with our irresistible theme song. And our first newspaper photo, in the Somerville Journal (photo by Zack Declerck).



Summer Solstice Picnic and Dance Party

Summer Solstice Picnic and Dance Party

This Sunday, Somerville will join with cities around the world in welcoming the first day of summer by making music in the streets. Along with France’s Fête de la Musique, and across the river from Make Music Boston, we’ll celebrate the Somerville way, with our First HONK of the Summer.

Sunday, June 21
2-6 pm
7 Hills Park
Davis Square, Somerville

Bring an instrument, a picnic, maybe a hula hoop or your dancing shoes — and all your friends — and help us celebrate the longest day of the year. We’ll lay some blankets down on the lawn, enjoy some summer faire, and play a few easy and fun dance tunes from the growing School of HONK song book.


Beach Party!

Beach Party!

We’ve survived the most brutal Boston winter in all of recorded history, and now it is time to really honk it up. So we are having an extended hours Open House this week:

School of HONK Beach Party

Sunday Open House, March 29, 2-6 pm

sprout (339R Summer St. Somerville)

If you think our winter parades have been fun, just wait till we get a nice stretch of warm Springtime Sundays! It’s supposed to be a sunny and mid-40s this weekend, so plan on a big parade in and around the Square.

Don’t forget your beach towels (worn as a cape? tied around your waist over your clothes?), and make sure to pack your swim goggles and floaties. (To add a bit of comedy… please also remember to bring gloves… remember how chilly it can get to carry a horn for 45 minutes outdoors!)

Please bring food! We might grill some hot dogs, but we are hoping to draw a crowd of newcomers too, so it would be great to potluck snacks or any other springtime faire as well. Also feel free to forward this email to friends and family or print and post the attached flyer to help spread the word in your neighborhood.

  • 2:00 pm Welcome – videos from this weekend’s HONK! Texas (in Austin), general mingling
  • 3:00 pm Music time – review our newest Groove Is In The Heart as well as other tunes in our book
  • 4:00 pm Snack time and suit up for parade
  • 4:30 pm Parade!
  • 5:30 pm Return to sprout for more food, some updates and discussion about upcoming events

We can’t wait to honk on the beach with you all this Sunday!